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Hello :-)

My name is Sarah & I'm pepperAddict. Actually I'm not really addicted to pepper, but sometimes I love to season dishes with a lot of pepper.

If you want to find out more about me, then this is the right page to read on ...

I am a German college student of studies in applied computer science, contemporary Japan & philosophy. Strange combination, I know. Due to my major studies (computer science) didn't meet my expectations of extending my knowledge I felt like also studying something very different. Studying humanities rather meets my interests in foreign cultures & languages & I really love it. But I also love studying computer science althought sometimes it is really tiring. Sometimes I like to say humanities compared to computer science are loafing studies. Please don't mind. I hope to graduate in computer science next summer, but I still don't know what I want to do afterwards.

I grew up in a small region in eastern Germany called 'Oberlausitz' - upper Lusatia is the English translation I think. It is a very beautiful region with honest & friendly people living there. It is situated close to the border to Poland & Czech. Therefore I feel slightly connected to both countries.

Oberlausitz - picture by Frank Koss

After passing my Abitur (general qualification for university entrance) I moved to a big city in North Rhine-Westphalia & started studying. Sometimes I really miss my hometown, but honestly as a young person there is not much to experience. Especially you hardly meet people from other countries, only Germans all the time.

I love cooking & I constantly like to try out new recipes. As I know quite a lot Moroccan dishes & recipes every now & then I post one of them on this blog. But I also like dishes from other countries like Japan, Czech, Germany & so on. I am very interested in different topics concerning cultures & people from other countries. I really love to read a lot about it & to watch documantaries. Since I was a child I'm dreaming of going abroad & to travel to all the far-flung countries in the world. Maybe one day I will take my backpack & head off. 

I started this blog, because I'd like to share my knowledge with other people & to get to know others who share my interests. But now I also want to gain some experience in writing. You never know what future will bring ;-) 

I hope you enjoy reading & leave a comment once in a while.

Kind regards, pepperAddict :-)

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