November 25, 2012

Becoming a German in 20 easy steps (by Adam Fletcher)

A few days ago I discovered this blog post by Adam Fletcher about the special manners of German people. Me as a German, it made me laugh really hard, because everything is sooo true, thoug it's a bit overdone.

20 easy steps on how to become an appropriate German, leading you to successfully interact with them & how not to misbehave in public.

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These manners are so naturally for me that I really have no clue on how things are working in other countries.   What are they doing on sundays? Don't they catch a cold while not wearing slippers? How can they survive without planing anything? (- I made some experiences in Morocco & this over-spontaneity nearly made me mad).

So while I'm looking for answers to these elementary questions of life, I hope you enjoy reading about what makes a German so German.


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  2. Hi Sarah, thanks very much for featuring my article. I tried not to over do it, but I guess most times humour is derived largely from exaggeration. Though I hope I didn't run too wild with the truth. The series has now been turned into a dual language, 50 step book released by C.H.Beck Verlag. More info at -